Alex Nobert builds, scales, and manages the systems and teams that power leading online businesses.

Alex Nobert is an operations leader -- in the devops/techops/webops sense -- with 17 years of professional experience. Alex is presently the Director of DevOps at a leading Bay Area e-commerce brand, where he oversees production operations.

Alex's track record includes a 3 year run at Shopify where, starting as employee #12, he built out the infrastructure and a distributed ops team for what is now a $1 billion e-commerce business.

At Vox Media, Alex stabilized a platform which was buckling under the load of The Verge and SB Nation, and transformed it into one that powers multiple award-winning new media company widely known for being the leader in journalism and storytelling technology. In particular, Alex's design of an innovative liveblogging software allowed Vox Media to transition from a dedicated liveblog vendor which repeatedly crumbled under the weight of Apple liveblogs to an inexpensive and highly scalable in-house platform which has a perfect track record since its inception.